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Solid wood closets
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Discover the Elegance, Beauty, and Class of our Eco-Friendly, Modular, Real Solid Hardwood Closet Organizers and Closet Systems

Quality materials and elegant modular design is the essence of our solid wood closet organizers and systems. Our closet organizers are full panels, crafted with Eco-Friendly 100-percent real Solid Hardwood (NOT Particleboard, MDF, Melamine, Wood Veneer, or Plywood), and finished to furniture-quality.

What makes us different than any other closet company?

Our closet organizers is made with 3/4" thick real solid wood, full panels (not ventilated); we only use the finest quality cut solid hardwood available, then we use state of the art wood paneling process, cut, smooth and hand stain every piece, and use multi layer finish process to furniture-quality.

Our Walk-in closet organizers is eco-friendly; we only use renewable wood source, which means that no tree is cut unless a new one is planted in its place, thus protecting our environment by maintaining our natural resources. Therefore, you can enjoy beautiful and real wood custom closet organizers, and feel good about having a green/eco-friendly product in your home. To find out more about our renewable source wood, click Here and Here

We only use quality 1" diameter steel metal hanger rods and flanges, refined in Brushed Nickel to add to the elegance and beauty of our solid wood closet organizer systems, and to prevent sagging. Heavy-duty metal brackets and connectors ensure stability.

Our solid wood closet organizer systems is floor standing (not wall hanging), which makes it very stable, secure, and very easy to install. A baseboard clearance built into the design of the floor standing vertical tower so you do not have to remove or cut your existing baseboard.

Flexible and modular solid wood closet organizer design that can be configured and installed in a variety of ways to fit your desired look and custom closet organization needs. With do-it-yourself easy installation, our closet organizer systems can fit a closet space up to 10' wide, and can be reduced and expanded in size with a variety of closet accessories that are available to enhance the look and functionality of your custom closet organization and closet storage needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of high-end, functional, Closet Hardware accessories, like, Baskets, Hamper, Tie Rack, Belt Rack, Pants Rack, Closet Valet, and more. All of our Closet Hardware accessories are finished in Nickel, to compliment the elegant look of our closet organizers

You do not need any carpentry skills to install your custom solid wood closet organizers; only basic tool skill is needed. Our flexible, modular, and simple design makes our closet organizer system very easy to install.

Quality workmanship ensures years of use, and closet organization and storage solution. When you decide to move, you can take it with you, or leave it to add value to your home.

Whether you're looking for Reach In closet Organizers, or Walk In closet Organizers, our closet systems can accommodate both. The difference is the closet organizer depth; reach in closet organizer system is 12" in depth, and the walk in closet organizer system is 16" in depth.

Three beautiful colors are available to choose from that can blend in with any home decor: Maple Spice, Cherry, and Espresso. We use multi layer hand staining and finishing process to present; luxurious, furniture-quality high-end closet organizers that will stay elegant and beautiful after years of use.

That is why our closet systems are elegant, beautiful, and they are in a class of their own. You could spend hundreds, even thousands more on inferior products, but nothing comes close to the beauty and quality of our solid wood closet organizer more


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